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Welcome To Akshjyot Speciality Clinic With World Class
Medical Care

Welcome to Akshjyot Speciality Clinic. This is one stop for health complaints that need speciality care. Clinic is situated at sector 17 in Vashi which is considered as heart of city as it is easily accessible.

Akshjyot Clinic specialise in Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology. Goal is to provide excellent medical care in caring and service oriented environment. At Akshjyot Clinic, we ensure the highest level of skill, competence and concern for effective care that meets patients needs and ensure prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions by adopting the latest technologies, technique and practices.

Akshjyot Clinic, a well equipped, state-of-the art clinic which offers expert diagnostics and therapeutic services in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroeneterology, Rheumatology, Diabetes and Nutrition Education. The clinic also provides eye care solutions from Simple Vision correction to eye surgeries and a wide range of Ophthalmology, optometry and optical services and eye related diseases.